Fundraising Auctions T&Cs


Fundraising Auctions shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential expense, liability, loss, damage, claim or proceeding, whatsoever caused by or arising out of, the late delivery, non-delivery, unsuitability, or any part thereof of any breakdown, or stoppage of the same.


Fundraising Auctions also provides prizes on consignment service as part of our core business. Clients using our fundraising platform are welcome to take advantage of this. Consignment items provided by third parties will not be allowed to be listed in our auction software unless prior-agreed in writing with the Fundraising Auctions staff. Fundraising Auctions has the right to remove such items from its catalogues.


Clients have the option to collect payments directly into their own payment gateway account or for Fundraising Auctions to collect payments on their behalf. If Fundraising Auctions collects payments on behalf of the client, the funds can be transferred to the client’s nominated bank account within a 7 day period once all funds have been received. The amount will be net of prizes on consignment costs (if applicable) and any outstanding software and service fees due to Fundraising Auctions. If any item or donation payments are cancelled or need to be refunded following the funds transfer by Fundraising Auctions, the client will be required to repay the cancelled or refunded amount to Fundraising Auctions within a 14 day period. The payment gateway can remain open up to 14 days post event to enable the client to collect payments post event. NB for any Fundraising Auctions items on consignment sold Fundraising Auctions has the right to contact winning bidders directly to chase payment


In the interest of complying with fair gaming, Fundraising Auctions staff will not place or recommend that clients place dummy, alias or false bids on items.


The Fundraising Auctions Privacy Policy can be viewed at the following web address:


Fundraising Auctions believes in the power of social media so if you’d like us to promote your fundraising event or campaign on our own pages just let us know. Equally we like to post about interesting events to inspire others so we may from time to time mention your event/campaign on our social media pages, usually after your event has happened. Please let us know if you would prefer us not to do so.